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Who We Are

Our firm helps businesses and organisations to manage their government relations risks and issues. Designed to protect critical business value, we provide intelligence and scenario-based mitigation plans for political risks and opportunities which are a crucial part of any comprehensive business risk strategy. Our main focus area: supporting businesses with managing sensitive (geo-)political issues and risks in China, Russia, India and the MENA-region.

Trust, discretion, gravitas, quality and positive mindset form the nucleus of our core principles and resonate in our advanced services and products specifically designed to mitigate unique risks and challenges.

Understanding, identifying and mitigating geopolitical risks and opportunities are imperative for critical corporate decision making and requires solid expertise and experience derived from business and politics. Our trusted, experienced international partners have strong backgrounds in politics and business.

Krijger & Partners is a strategically positioned corporate consultancy firm that operates at the convergence of business and politics and offers its clients bespoke intelligence-driven solutions by leveraging a unique blend of expertise drawn from the business, political, diplomatic and intelligence realms. We understand the drivers in international business and politics intimately.

With our Krijger & Partners events we are reaching out to younger generations by trying to support them to make a real impact. We strongly believe in the next generation leaders who will inspire, motivate and mobilise people to act.

Our Services

To support international businesses and organisations with current or potential new activities we offer

Advisory services
1. International government relations support for businesses and organisations on political risk and issues e.g. regulations / legislation, reputational risk. 2. Augmenting effective interaction with key government decision makers, movers and shakers, regulators, special interest organisations. 3. Exclusively customized solutions: Intelligence-driven complex political problem solving, strategic interventions and contingency planning.
1. Scenario-based geopolitical risk exposure analysis and mitigation plans for incorporation into overall business strategies. 2. Stakeholder analysis, integrated power mapping and engagement plans. 3. Scénario: our exclusive geopolitical risk subscription service designed for international businesses covering impactful global developments.
1. Fact finding mission to country/cities of choice to meet local business and political experts who provide insights into key risks and opportunities, trends and developments, legislative and regulatory frameworks, stakeholders in politics, business and society. 2. Presentations, expert meetings, speaker arrangements, conferences and debates. We have organised two college tours. One on democracy and the relations between the United States of America and the Netherlands and one on China as Rising Power. In 2020 we will most likely organise a tour on India.


Alex Krijger – Founder & Managing Partner (The Hague)

Patrick van der Heiden – Partner (Rotterdam)

Tom Smit – Government Relations Analyst (The Hague)

Jaap Muijs – Geopolitical Risk & Intelligence Analyst (London)


Krijger & Partners works together with a diverse group of trusted, local, senior and experienced government and public affairs professionals around the world. Our partners – men/women, with different cultural backgrounds – have experience and expertise in business, governments and society. We have the knowledge, networks and methodologies to manage political-business risks and issues in a discrete way. We respect cultural differences and are dedicated to make a positive impact.

Board of Trustees

Rein Willems (Chair): former President Director Shell Netherlands; former Senator Dutch parliament

Michel de Jong: Head of Global Security COFRA Holding AG; Chair ASIS Benelux

Elsine van Os: CEO & Founder Signpost Six

Stijn Vos: Managing Director ESDEC

Gilberto Morishaw: Student at University Leiden

``Krijger & Partners advises leaders to think the unthinkable and prepare and incorporate political risk scenarios into business strategies``

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year Conference 2018, Monaco

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Lange Voorhout 11, 2514 EA The Hague, The Netherlands
+31 (0)70 22 11 940

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